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What We know

What happened to a nation once respected as a Leader and Super Power – to now have become the laughing stock of the world? What happened to a proud nation of America people renowned for creating and inventing technologies and industries that inspired the whole world? Today’s Information Technology landscape has shifted due to H-1B Outsourcing/Off-shoring Abuse. Bountiful technical jobs once available to America’s best and brightest have moved away from our shores.


Thanks to Our corrupt Government, the elites and nefarious consulting firms - these jobs can now be found in India. In fact, India is on its way to becoming a Super Power in the next few years. Last year the United States gave India $150 billion in IT jobs (behind our backs); results of which have been catastrophic and ruined the lives of many US IT workers and their families.


Did you know there are over 300 million people living in America? Conversely, 95 million of them are unemployed which is just about one third of our population.  Although sad but true – America is under attack and imploding as this Nation’s Citizen’s are still losing their jobs, homes, healthcare, transportation, and in some cases spending time in jail due to lack of income and no way to satisfy governmental compliance.  It’s no doubt been our own corrupt Government who's responsible for setting the stage for this Nation's economic collapse.



We need your help!


America is under attack and our nation is now imploding!


America's politicians were once responsible individuals who took care of this Nation's Citizens. Today all that has changed. Instead, what we have are corrupt influencer's who are bought and sold by corporate greed, along with their counterparts - the mainstream media and IT consulting firms. No longer are American's safe in our own Country, in fact they've turned a deaf ear and blinded eye toward Our suffering.


We are seeking funding to help offset the costs of research and investigation, video recording, multimedia and operational expenses. Please help us in our endeavor Support Now! by contributing as we continue to work to bring awareness of H-1B abuse. We are fighting to protect our Nation and future generations to come.


If you know someone who’s been abused by way of Outsourcing and Off-shoring practices we’d love to talk with and capture your story - We are seeking individuals with compelling stories who don’t mind sharing their experience in front of our cameras.


Follow us to check out on Twitter (America_Fight@twitter) to keep up with our research and conversations, as well as our YouTube Channel to see how we are getting involved. Want to find out all the historical details about H-1B abuse checkout our Blog at



Our business was created out of necessity to help you - the American consumer who feels you have lost a voice in this nation. Our Goal is to End the Abusive H-1B Visa program by bringing awareness of the corruption, coupled with nefarious business practices that decimate US IT workers lives.




Thank you,

Clifford Grant, FBA President



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